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Thermal Transfer Labels & Tags

Labels are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, paper and synthetic face stocks, and various adhesives to precisely meet the demands of any application.  Wound on rolls or fan-folded to fit most models of thermal transfer printers.

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Paper labels are suitable for all general purpose applications.  Available with matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss finish.  White labels are standard; also available in tinted colors and bright fluorescent colors. Polyester is extremely durable, waterproof, resistant to abrasion, high temperatures and most chemicals.  Print with premium resin ribbons for UL/CSA compliant labels.  Ideal for product serial number labels, asset tags, and other applications that demand the utmost in appearance and durability.
Polyethylene is resistant to most chemicals and is ideal for marking chemical drums and other containers that must withstand handling and exposure to weather and chemicals. Polyolefin labels are destructible, perfect for applications where any attempt to remove or transfer the label should result in its destruction:  "opening case voids warranty" and serial number labels are examples.
Polypropylene is excellent for labeling of plastic food containers.  Also available in grades suitable for direct food contact and medical applications. Vinyl labels are waterproof and weatherproof.  They are reasonably durable, and have the advantage of being very flexible, ideal for application to curved or uneven surfaces.  Excellent for container marking, vehicle marking, parking stickers.
Kimdura is waterproof, cannot be torn, yet is flexible.  It can be sewn into fabric products (bedding, outdoor products, garments) and can even be used for baggage routing tags attached by a string. Card Stock (no adhesive) is excellent for applications where the printed form needs to stand on its own and have a little stiffness:  receipt tags, warranty cards, apparel hang tags, etc.

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